What are the ingredients of a fine dining experience? By definition, fine dining is a style of eating that usually takes place in elegant restaurants, where especially good food is served to guests, often in a formal way.

Apart from the good food, it’s all about the atmosphere of the place. In Corso everything meets in a perfect harmony – the flavors, the presentation, and …the view. The windows of the restaurant are overlooking one of the most impressive landmarks in Sofia – the Russian Church. The beautiful church is popular among locals for its magical power to make wishes come true. To enjoy the urban panorama while dining, be sure to request a table near the window when making a reservation. The outlook is especially mesmerizing at night, when the lights and colors of the city come alive in the dark.

Corso’s menu combines European cuisine with Bulgarian traditional dishes, like the “Mish-Mash”, made of fried eggs and herbal crunches. We also tried chicken, pork, and some vegetarian meat-loafs. Everything was delicious and tastefully-presented. Loved the orange cheese cake. Wine lovers can choose from a fine selection of wineries at affordable prices.

Although the restaurant is situated in the very center of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, it is not a touristy place. One can meet there both foreigners and locals alike.

On the whole, the quality of the food is above average and offers good value for money. A definite must-see and -try while in Sofia.

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Written by Marcie

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